14 pounds in 14 days challenge

14 Pounds In 14 Days Challenge

Are you feeling stuck?

Because if you do, a challenge might be exactly what you need.

Amazing bodies and ripped abs aren’t created overnight, you (and your subconscious mind) knows that.

And this is exactly why it can be so hard to put up with the day to day struggles.

When I was struggling to lose weight, every person that I would ask for help would tell me to:


Sure… I get it, you get it, we all get it by now!

But what about the destination?

dream body

Because I don’t care about how much willpower you have, without a destination, traveling is just NOT exciting.

This was an eye opener for me.

It’s not that I can’t think long-term, because I can.

It’s that thinking about “the journey” is way too abstract to motivate me. It’s a plain vanilla vision and not exciting at all.

Do you know what I mean?

If so, I dare you to accept the 14-Day Challenge.

Because if you feel like most days you just don’t want it bad enough, I can’t think of a better solution than the new “14 Pounds In Days Challenge”.

We are going to follow The 2 Week Diet by Brian Flatt, because it’s the only meal plan that I’ve seen people successfully lose 1 pound a day for 14 days.

before and after weight loss

But let me say this:

The 14-Day Challenge isn’t meant to scare you.

It’s meant to give you a destination to look forward to.

An exciting reason to wake up tomorrow morning.

To shake things up a bit and have fun again.

Who cares if you “only” lose 7 pounds in 14 days? To me, that would be a wild success.

But more importantly, now you would have a plan.

A plan to get to your destination — your dream body — by focusing on smaller, sexier milestone that keeps you motivated along the way.

If you want to join the 14-Day Challenge, grab a copy of The 2 Week Diet by clicking here.

To your success!

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