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3-Minute Hourglass Figure Workout

A small waist and a big butt… who doesn’t want that?


Because the hourglass figure is the most popular body shapes.

Yes. It can be heartbreaking to have unrealistic body goal.

But dreaming about your perfect figure can give your some serious motivation.

And who doesn’t want that?

Nobody :).

This is why I’m so excited to share with you this new “Hourglass Figure Workout”.

Below you will find video version of the workout. And if you keep scrolling you will find the workout broken down by exercises with pictures.

3-Minute Hourglass Figure Workout

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The reason why I love quick workout so much is because they are lifestyle friendly.

You are what you eat. AND you are what you repeatedly do.

And so if you’re not a gym rat, daily workout like these is a sure way to get fit without killing yourself.

4 Exercises For A Sexy Hourglass Figure

To have an hourglass figure, working out isn’t going to be enough.

Sure, the following moves will flatten your stomach, tone your thighs and lift your butt…

But it won’t happen without eating healthy.

1. Glute Bridge

Do 10 Reps Each Side

Squeeze your glutes hard! That’s the secret.

2. Hip Abduction

hip abduction

Do 10 Reps Each Side

And always be smiling.

3. Plank Leg Raise

plank leg raise

Do 15 Reps Each Side

Get ready to feel the burn baby. This is a killer exercise.

4. Jump Squat

jump squat

Do 20 Reps

Love em’ or hate em’… Jump squats will give you a killer booty.


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SPECIAL THANKS to Taylor Nelles for this “Super Quick Ab Workout”!

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