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4 Exercises To Lose Arm Fat Fast

Want to get rid of arm fat fast?

Then try this workout…

Arm fat, or bat wings as it’s so “lovingly” called… is a troublesome thing for people of all ages — but especially women as they begin to mature…

The saggy, baggy, flappy underarms discourage girls from wearing cute tank tops and bathing suits, and it has to go!

Luckily, you can get rid of it with just a few targeted exercises to help tone up and tighten your arms.

Here are four that are essential to getting rid of your arm fat…

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At Home Workout To Lose Arm Fat

This workout won’t leave you sweating, but you will feel an intense burn on your upper arms and especially on the underside of them where all this extra fat is beginning to accumulate.

The great thing about our arms is that we can build muscle there super quick!

4 Exercises For Flabby Arms

Don’t worry, you won’t “bulk up” with these moves.

Instead, they will tighten, tone, and slim your arms down so you can feel confident in any dress, top, or bathing suit!


push up

Let’s start off with 60 seconds of push ups. This is a classic move that tones your entire body, but will definitely target your arms for better all-around strength!


inch worm

Next, for 60 seconds, you’re going to stand up, then inch out on your hands into a plank position. Inch your way back to complete one “inch worm” rep.

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tricep dip

For 60 seconds, you’re now going to do the “Tricep dip” to really feel the burn. Facing up, get on your hands and knees and do a “backwards pushup” of sorts, sinking down so your tailbone just barely touches the floor and then lifting back up again.


commando plank

Finally, do commando planks for 60 seconds. Get in the plank position, then get down on one forearm and then the other. Come back up and make sure to switch which side drops first with each rep!

Tips To Lose Arm Flab Forever

If these moves don’t put a burn into your upper arms, I don’t know what will!

Listen, you can lose your arm fat fast at home and do so starting today.

This four-minute workout is most effective if you follow the favorite strategy here at Hello Abs, and that’s one that progressively gets harder while making you stronger.

We suggest a routine of 1-2-3.

That means do this workout once through today, twice through tomorrow, and three times through the next day—then reset.

As you get stronger, you can swap out this workout for videos that target other “trouble areas” and add in another workout to your routine for an on-going challenge.

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Finally, remember to stay hydrated no matter what you’re doing!

It’s one of the most important keys to living a healthy life.

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