7-Day Muffin Top Challenge For A Slim, Sexy Waist

You plan for school, you plan for work, you plan for meal… plan, plan, plan.

Can someone give this girl a break?

I mean, maybe (just maybe), you DON’T want to plan your workouts.

In fact, maybe you’re not working out because it’s one more thing you have to think about and plan.


The 7-Day Muffin Top Challenge For A Slim, Sexy Waist

With proven exercises to get rid of muffin top; you can get good results in 7 days.

And to get great results i.e. summer-ready, just keep going after that. (I’ll hook you up later.)

First, grab your 60 Second Workout Plan if you don’t have it yet.

OK, so to keep things simple, you’ll only do three types of exercises.

And for better results, you’ll be adding 2 rep of each exercise every day.

Let’s get into the 3 muffin top exercises you’ll be doing during this 7-day challenge.

Then, you’ll get the calendar so you stay on track and crush it!

1. Dolphin Plank

How to do it:


  • Get into plank


  • Then lift your hips into an inverted V

That’s one rep.

2. Scissors

How to do it:


  • Lie down flat on your back
  • Place your hands by your side or underneath your glutes for back support


  • Bring one leg up


  • Bring your leg up down while lifting your other leg up

That’s one rep.

3. Russian Twist

How to do it


  • Sit on the floor
  • Lean back
  • Bend your knees and lift your feet


  • Twist right (rotate your arms and upper body to the right)


  • Twist left (rotate your arms and upper body to the left)

That’s one rep.


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Special thanks to Taylor Nelles for creating this workout!

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OK… now, let’s melt off that muffin top!

The 7-Day Muffin Top Challenge Calendar

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