7 Day (No-Gym) Flat Belly Workout

Sweaty gym not your thing?


Today’s post is 7 fitness workouts that you can do at home… in your room… or even on your couch! (Nah)

With little or no equipment, you can get a good workout and… a flat belly too! The only thing you need is 5 or 10 minutes and a pinch of motivation.


DAY 1: 8 Minutes Cardio Workout to Burn Belly Fat


DAY 2: 5 Minutes Booty and Abs Workout


DAY 3: 12 Minutes Bikini Body Workout


DAY 4: 5 Minutes Full Body Workout


DAY 5: 4 Minutes Super Simple Workout


DAY 6: 8 Minutes Home Cardio Workout To Burn Fat


DAY 7: 20 Minutes (YOU’RE GONNA DIE) Workout


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