7 Meal Prep So Good You Need To Try Them All

Every time I “plan to” do some cleaning around the house or register for this scary improvisation class… I somehow forget about it.

How convenient memory loss can be sometimes! 

And because what you intend to do VS what you actually do can be night and day… Meal prep can do magic for you when you want to shed some weight or get that Instagram body. 

So please… Don’t resist the following meal prep ideas… Try em’ all!

1. Chicken + Sweet Potatoes + Brussel Sprouts

Photo credit: @thatsnickq . Pulled BBQ Chicken ???? Sweet potatoes and Brussel sprouts! . @mealprepdaily #mealprepdaily

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2. Tomatoes + Corn + Black Beans + Green Bell Peppers

3. TACO!!!

4. Broccoli + Beef + Carrots + Multi-Grain Rice

5. Shrimp + Cabbage + Lettuce + Tomato

6. Quinoa + Rice + Citrus Herb Salmon

7. No Salt Tuna + Apple + Pecans Lettuce

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