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A Back-To-School Workout To Get You Fit

Back-to-school means longer days and plenty of studying.

Whether you’re trying to stay fit or just getting into the swing of things, a daily workout is a must for maintaining your health and physical abilities.

It can be hard to find the time as your schedule fills up, but you will definitely be able to make room in your schedule for this new six-minute workout.

The Workout

This workout is just six-minutes long and is a great way to start your day.

It will get your blood pumping and wake up your entire body for the day ahead.

Working out in the morning will help you get focused and stay focused, and help you warm up in case the fall breeze is a little crisp out.

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Squat Kicks (90 Seconds)

squat kicks

This workout begins with squat kicks for 90 seconds, which are done by squatting down (hands together), and then lifting out and kicking out one leg at a time.

So, squat, lift, kick your left leg across and then repeat on the other side. Continue alternating like this for 90 seconds.

Twist and Load (90 SECONDS)

twist and load

This move is done by constantly moving. Jump up as you twist to one side, and then repeat to the other side.

Keep your knees bent and your thigh muscles engaged, and pulse up and down lightly in between your twists.

Place your hands near your chin. Repeat for 90 seconds.

Shuffles (90 SECONDS)


Next up are shuffles. This quick, easy, and fun move is done by keeping your arms at a 90-degree angle to your sides.

Keep them moving, alternating with your legs just like they do when you walk or run.

Jump lightly on your feet, landing with one in front and one behind you and constantly shuffling your feet back-and-forth for 90 seconds.

Wall Sit (90 SECONDS)

wall sit

This final move will help you catch your breath and work on your lower body muscles.

Hold your hands in front of your chest and press your back flat against a wall.

Squat so your legs are at a deep angle. Your calves should be straight up and down (don’t push your heels towards the wall). Hold for 90 seconds.

Back-To-School Exercise Tips

Big booties are all the rage, and wall sits and similar strength-building exercises will help you get one!

Squats are also excellent for toning your thighs and building your butt.

The cardio in this workout will help you get woken up and will help burn stubborn fat.

After all, you can do all the strength training you want to build up muscle, but without cardio to melt off the fat, you’ll just bulk up!

Start with this workout and, as you progress, tack on a few other short workouts.

You can even make your own workout plan, alternating body areas each day so you can get the most effective results from your time.

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