How To Get A Bigger Buttocks In A Week

Discover How To Get A Bigger Buttocks In A Week

Say goodbye to a hundred squats a day…

Because this workout gives you a bigger butt in a week by rotating between four moves that lift, tone, and grow your booty!

Yes, getting a bigger buttocks naturally is possible.

You really don’t need pills or cream.

Actually, if you have a flat ass… oil or gimmicks won’t do the trick!

To see results, eat more of these 10 super foods and do the following routine at least 3 times for the next 7 days.

4 Exercises To Get A Bigger Bum

This workout is effective because these 4 moves target your bum and surrounding areas to lift it up, shape it, and tone it!

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Move #1: Pulsing Squats

pulsing squats

First off is pulsing squats.

Do this move for 60 seconds by squatting down, pulsing 3-4 times low in the squat, and then coming back up and repeating the move.

The squat will tone your thighs while the pulses will target your booty area.

Move #2: Donkey Kicks

donkey kicks

Next up are donkey kicks.

On your hands and knees, keep your back straight and lift one leg out behind you.

Your kicking leg will be bent, the bottom of your foot towards the sky.

Repeat this for 30 seconds on each side.

Move #3: Lunge Kick-Backs

lunge kickbacks

Next are lunge kick-backs.

You’ll drop into lunge position, lift up, and kick back.

Do for 30 seconds on each side.

Move #4: Bridge


Next is the bridge.

For 60 seconds, you’ll be on your back, lifting your pelvis towards the sky with your knees bent and feet on the floor.

For The Next 7 Days…

Do this workout at least three times.

Walk for fifteen minutes each day.

Increase your consumption of protein.

(Here’s 14 Easy Ways To Increase Your Protein Intake.)

Be sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

… And if you stick to this plan, you’ll have a bigger, more rounder bum in a week.

The Bigger Butt Mindset

A one week goal is a great way to kick-start your fitness journey.

But if 7 days is all you got, 7-day results is all you’re going to get.

If you want mind-blowing results, like OMG look at me chick! … Then you need to keep going after that.

So what’s next?

It depends on your goal… But for an hourglass figure (small waist, wide hips, big butt)…

Try this small waist workout and these exercises for bigger hips.

And never forget… with patience and persistence, you can achieve ALL of your body goals.

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