exercises for a rounder butt

4 Exercises For A Rounder, Bigger, And Fatter Bum

Is it possible to grow a butt?

The answer: yes!

Your tush is actually one of the most shapable and workable parts of your body.

It’s comprised of fat and muscle.

The more muscle you build in this area, the larger, firmer, and more toned your butt will look!

But, to get a round butt, you also need to train some of the surrounding muscle groups so your butt is “lifted” and rounded.

Here’s a workout to get you on track.

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4 Exercises For A Rounder Butt

This workout is made up of four moves. Follow the tips at the end of this article for the biggest effects in the shortest amount of time!

1. Alternating Side Lunge

alternating side lunge

This first move is alternating side lunges. Do this for sixty seconds and, if possible, use some light dumbbells in each hand to add to the effort! Stand straight, then lunge to one side. Return to center and go to the other.

2. Donkey Kicks

donkey kicks

Next is donkey kicks. Continue for 30 seconds on each side by getting on your hands and knees and lifting one bent leg towards the sky.

3. Forward Lunge With Reverse Lunge

forward lunge with reverse lunge

Next is the forward and reverse lunge pair. For 30 seconds each side, first step into a forward lunge, regain the starting position, and then step back into a reverse lunge.

4. Sumo Squat

sumo squat

Finally, the sumo squat! Maximize the effects by using a kettlebell and repeat for 60 seconds.

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How To Get A Big Butt Fast At Home

Now, doing this workout once through is not going to get you a rounder butt… but you are sure to start feeling the effects!

If you’re committed to getting a better booty, you need to take a few weeks and focus on this area to achieve the butt you’re after.

There are a few different ways to approach your workout routine, but we favor a progressive method.

Do this video once today, twice tomorrow, three times the next day, and then go back to once through (sort of like a “rest day” so your muscles can relax and work on re-building).

This method builds your endurance and it’s going to get you the butt you want as soon as possible.

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Now, the important thing is that you don’t go too far.

Overworking your behind can actually delay your progress.

You’ll end up so worn out that you’re not going to want to do any workout, much less get up and move around.

Give your body the break it needs to repair.

The only way to get stronger is to be feeding your body with protein so your muscles can heal and grow after each session, so also keep your diet in check for the best results!

If you take the time to combine all these tips and you practice a little willpower, you’re going to see results in no time at all.

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