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4 Exercises To Get A Flat Belly

Dear workout buddy,

There are time when, you know…

You just DON’T feel like working out.

But you know what? These are the days where we NEED to workout.

Because if we wait to FEEL like it, we will wait for a LONG TIME.

And we don’t want to wait. We want the feel good energy TODAY and the flat belly ASAP.

So let’s go!

Below is a 2-minute ab workout video made up of 4 exercises to get a flat belly.

You can either hit play and follow along or scroll down below for the breakdown of the workout.

2-Minute Flat Belly Workout

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1. Flutters (30 SECONDS)


Leg flutters or flutters kicks is one of the best exercises for a strong core. Even the military do this exercises!

2. Crunches (30 SECONDS)


Do you hate them? Don’t matter – crunch it girl!

Oh and don’t crunch too high. These are not sit-ups.

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3. Heel Touches (30 SECONDS)

heel touches

I love this exercise! Heel touches are a ton of fun!

Ton of fun for 30 seconds in 1-2-3 go!

4. Plank (30 SECONDS)


Seriously, planks are so great. Just writing about planks makes my stomach shrink!

Like em’ too? Check this 7-day plank challenge.

1 Flat Belly Tip

Finding balance is hard.

We either want more money, a flatter stomach, or the latest iPhone.

Beside monks, we are all like that.

Because striving for “more” is what human beings have always done.

Without this desire for more, we wouldn’t be here today.

But in order to get more, we need the energy.

And a sure way to drain all of your energy is to complain about where you are right now.

We tend to be so hard with ourselves. When in reality, we are so awesome.

On your journey to look and feel your best, never forget that, you are ALREADY awesome.

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