how to get a flat stomach fast for teenagers

12 Belly Fat Hacks To Get A Flat Stomach As A Teenage Girls

If you are a teenage girl looking to lose belly fat fast… Then we need to talk.

I’m about to share with you some of my favorites tips and tricks to get a super flat stomach.

From fat burning snacks, to a simple diet plan, to workout routines and easy exercises for teens.

And lastly, you will discover my number one secret to lose stomach fat.

But as I said, we first need to talk…

12 Easy Ways To Lose Weight For Teenagers

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1. The Most Important Thing You Need To Realize

As you get older, losing weight becomes increasingly hard.

You have less energy, you have less time, and the rate at which you burn calories (your metabolism) slows down.

Trust me, women who struggle to lose weight in their 50’s would kill to be in your shoes.

Because for most of them, life became a real struggle.

They’ve not only failed to lose weight for years, they’ve also gained many, many more pounds by now.

And now, they are scared…

  • Scared that they will never lose the weight.
  • Scared that they aren’t attractive to the opposite sex.
  • Scared that they leave this world much sooner.

I’m not saying all that to scare you, but to help you realize this:

As a teenager, you still can prevent all that by making the right choice today.

And by making the right choice today, you can be super fit in your 20’s and have your best shape ever much sooner than you might think.

So what is the right choice?

2. Don’t Try To Lose Weight In One Week If You Want To Lose Belly Fat Fast

important health tip

Losing weight is tricky.

When you try to “lose weight in a week”… Chance are that you will succeed and that you will lose weight fast.

But you know what? Chance are that you will gain it all back, fast.

Now, ask yourself what is actually faster:

  • A) Losing 5 pounds a week and gain it back 2 months from now?
  • B) Losing 1 pound a week and never gain it back?

It’s B obviously!

Plus, losing 1 pound a week is easy.

And get this, if you lose 1 pound a week for a year, you will have lost 52 pounds 1 year from now.

That’s a lot.

The following tips that I will share with you will help you achieve this 1 pound a week weight loss.

Don’t try to apply all the tips today, just pick 1 or 2 tips that resonate with you.

Because the slower you go, the more likely you are to be successful and have the body of your dream.

3. Do Quick And Dirty Workouts For Teenage Girls

Whether you’re a teenage girl, a boy, or an adult, getting a flat stomach is more about what you eat.

But exercising is still very important for your health.

Plus, it can do marvelous thing for your body.

Try This 3-Min Abs Workout:

And make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more home workout:

(Need motivation to get moving? Checkout my get fit playlist here.)

4. Eat A Fat Burning Breakfast

breakfast for teens

Research has found that teens who skip breakfast are much more likely to be overweight than those who don’t.

A reason is because when you skip breakfast, you tend to be so hungry that you will overeat during snack time.

If you want to lose stomach fat, you can’t go wrong with eating a healthy breakfast every morning.

Plus when you start your day on the right foot, you are much more likely to do well for the rest of the day.

My favorite fat burning breakfast is super simple: 2 peanut butter toasts with a banana.

It’s simple, delicious, and filling, this is what works best for me.

Why I consider this a fat burning meal? Because it’s healthy.

When you choose something healthy over something unhealthy, you are eating something that will help you get fit and lose weight.

(Want more ideas? Here: 25 Easy And Healthy Breakfast For Teens.)

5. Snack Like A Boss

healthy snacks

When I was a teenager, my house was filled with cookies chips and candies snacks.

As a result, that’s exactly what I would eat at school during lunch and breaks.

The problem is that most of those snacks are filled with sugar and that’s very bad for your weight loss goal.

As a teen, you may not have 100% control over what goes onto your plate at home.

But you do have control over what you eat in-between your meals.

Switching those unhealthy snacks for fruits, nuts and vegetables will help you get a flat stomach.

(Find more healthy school snack ideas here.)

6. Swap Soda For Lemon Water

Soda is filled with sugar.

If you drink a lot of it, losing weight is going to be an uphill battle.

You don’t have to cut it all — although that would be the best thing to do — but if you drink a lot of sugary drinks, try to reduce your consumption.

Never drink more than one soda a day.

And if you drink one soda a day, try to drink it every other day.

Once you drink a soda every other day, try to start drinking it only on the weekend.

What should you drink instead? Lemon water.

Many successful weight losers swear by it.

And just like cutting soda, drinking more water or lemon water will help you lose even more weight.

If you have a hard time resisting soda, remind yourself that it will not always be that hard… and yes, remind yourself why you’re doing this (hello abs!).

7. Start A Secret Journal


You are a creature of habits.

We all are. Many of your behaviors are done on autopilot. You do them because you are used to doing them…

This is why changing your lifestyle is difficult.

On one hand, you would like to drink more water and less soda… But on the other hand, you may find yourself drinking soda every day anyway (even though you know that it is bad for your flat stomach goal)…

This is can become very confusing.

I’ve found that keeping a journal and frequently writing in it; how you feel, your thoughts, your struggles, your wins, your plan for the day, or just about anything… will lead to a greater understanding of yourself and new strategies to reach your goal.

8. Don’t Fuck With Fast Food

fuck fast food

I love fast food, it tastes delicious… But I love my body more.

This is why I try to eat as little fast food as possible.

Fast food is kinda like soda, you should do your best to cut it little by little.

I used to eat fast food 3 to 4 times a week.

Now I’ll eat this crap maybe once or twice a month.

How I got there? Little by little.

The first thing I did is to decide to never eat there alone.

Go girl, you can do this!

9. Love Your Bod But Don’t Settle

you are beautiful

Not because tiny waist on Instagram gets all the like that you don’t have a beautiful body.

If you hate body, that will generate a lot of negativity inside you.

And that’s no good for your body goal.

Because when you feel bad, you will unconsciously try to make yourself feel better.

And your brain knows exactly how to do that; junk food, candy, soda, etc… Are all things that will make you feel better temporarily.

It’s a vicious cycle.

So yeah, strive to lose weight and have a small waist… but never forget that you are beautiful right now.

10. Never Skip A Meal

do not skip meals

Skipping a meal should help you lose weight, right? Wrong.

Research from Ohio State University suggests that you may drop some weight in the short term, but you will eventually gain it all back.

Plus, when you go hungry, your body may start to crave unhealthy food.

And so you may end up eating even more bad calories by eating muffins and salty snacks.

You can find more about the effects of skipping meals here. But seriously, don’t skip a meal man!

11. Only Take Weight Loss Pills If…

You are a fat teen and you want to become a fat adult.

Harsh? Yes.
True? Yes.

So please, don’t fall into this trap.

You are stronger and smarter than that.

Never forget tip #1 and tip#2.

12. If You Don’t Know Where To Start, Do This One Easy Exercise For Teens

woman with a flat tummy

At the beginning of this article, I’ve promised to share with you my #1 secret to lose stomach fat.

So there you go…

If you do this easy exercise every day, you will lose the weight and you will have your dream body in your 20’s.

This exercise alone has helped me lose 47 pounds in 2016.

But the reason why it works has nothing to do with how much calories it will help you burn.

But about how much willpower it will give you.

I’m talking about walking 15 minutes every day. And please, before you think I’m crazy… just keep reading.

You see, if you walk every day, it will become a habit.

Building new, healthy habits is not so easy. It requires willpower to do so.

And so if you decide to take a 15 minutes walk tomorrow, even though walking is easy, you will have to harness a little bit of willpower to get yourself to walk.

Why? Because walking might not be what you would prefer to do at this very moment.

Now, if you go for a 15 minutes walk every day, at the same hour, for about 66 days… This daily walk will becomes a habit of yours.

You will do it automatically — without really thinking about it — just like brushing your teeth after dinner.

And so now, you will NOT have to harness ANY willpower to get yourself to walk. And voila! You now have more willpower than you used to… plus one healthy habit, congrats!

And as a teenage girl who wants to look and feel her best, guess what else you might do with more willpower?

That’s right, eating less junk food, drinking less soda, eating more vegetables, doing more exercises.

Suddenly, everything becomes easier.

What used to be hard (like giving up soda), becomes quite easy.

And what used to be daunting (like eating veggies), becomes awesome.

I’m not kidding.

Because when you start seeing yourself getting slimmer and feeling so much better, you just want to keep moving in that direction.

And before you know it, you’ve transformed your body and have a flat stomach.


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