Recovering Dieter Lose 57 Pounds After She…

She was miserable.

Her new relationship had given her an unwelcome 30+ pounds.

She didn’t like her jeans size (14).

And she hated the way she looked.

#throwbackthursday to 2013. This was the week before I faithfully joined weight watchers! A good 45 lbs heavier!! I swear half of it was in my bikini top ???????????????? Oh well, I’ll take a smaller bra size along with my smaller waist any day of the week! For the record, I’ve had some comment and DM me and tell me I looked better before. It doesn’t really offend me. My husband prefers me a little heavier. There was nothing wrong with my size. I just wasn’t the most confident and my eating was not healthy. I believe beauty is not limited to any one size! It’s all about how you feel! ???? #loselikelyss #throwbackthursday #fitnessjourney #weightlossjourney #beautybeyondsize #bodypositive #girlswhoworkout #bikinibod #curvyfit #curvygirl

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And so she realised it was time for a change.

She began using Weight Watchers and dropped the 30 pounds…

But then she got married and let herself slack off and gained 10 pounds back during her honeymoon.

She decided that she did NOT wanted to be that girl who got married and blew up.

She wanted to be a sexy wife!

I was tagged by @mygirlishwhims for 1️⃣0️⃣ non fitness related facts about me! ???? I’ll try and make them interesting! 1️⃣ I am married! Since July 5, 2014 2️⃣ I met my hubs on a blind date! 3️⃣ I am a 3rd grade math and science teacher and I love it even though I’m actually not a math person 4️⃣ I have Indian on my dad’s side of the family. I believe that’s where my olive skin comes from. 5️⃣My entire family and a lot of close family friends call me “Issy” it’s been my nickname my entire life! My full name is Alyssa. 6️⃣I have a set of twin brothers who are a few years younger than me. 7️⃣ I have no kids yet but I have a basset hound named Lola and I’m totally obsessed with her. She sleeps in the bed with me every night. ???? 8️⃣ I was born in Texas and raised in Mississippi 9️⃣ I was able to travel to Europe when I was a teenager and I loved it. ???? Some of you know this but the hubby and I are ready to start growing our family! So I’m hoping that in the next year or so I’ll be on a different type of health journey! ????Alright ladies! I tag @purelynumbers @wishful.shrinking.katherine @progressruth @adrienneosuna @anti_cook_girl

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I see a lot of people ashamed of wanting to lose weight BECAUSE they want to be sexy…

They think the “right motivation” should be about being healthy only.

I say f* that… YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!

Being healthy, AND being sexy.

And then some more!

So I think as women, we are never satisfied with the bodies we were blessed with. For instance this morning I was complaining to my husband that a lot of thin girls could throw this dress on and be just fine, no second thought. Yet, when I put it on I feel like it goes from being a conservative dress to an x rated dress. ???????????? I’ve been blessed with natural curves though and for so long I’ve hated my thighs and cellulite (which you can clearly see here) and tried to cover them up. It’s ridiculous. Instead of hating some of our features, we need to focus on the positive and realize perfection is NOT real and honestly boring! Our differences are what make us unique. I ended up not wearing this dress today but I will eventually! Happy Sunday! ???????????????? #loselikelyss #curvygirl #curvyfit #strongnotskinny #fitnessmotivation #girlswhoworkout #bodypositive #loveyourself #screwthescale #iammorethananumber #flawsandall #teamthunderthighs #screwperfection #hourglassfigure #littlewaistbigbooty

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In the last year, she (@lose_like_lyss) got really serious about working out and says:

My diet has helped me lose weight but fitness has changed my body. It’s helped me love the things I used to hate about myself. I’ve always been a curvy girl and was self-conscious about it. Now I embrace my shape and curves and wouldn’t have it any other way!

She’s now 57 pounds down, and she created her Instagram account to inspire and motivate others. She wants to be a role model for curvy girls!

Her advice to anyone starting out:

Start small. Start walking a few days a week, cut out soda, drink more water. A few small changes lead to big results! It truly becomes a lifestyle, not just a diet!

And she wants you to know that you can be fit AND curvy!


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