5-Minute Tiny Waist Workout

A tiny waist in just four quick exercises?


This workout will give you results fast. And if you go through this routine three times in the next seven days… You will have a smaller waist.

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The Tiny Waist Workout

Lose belly fat, shape your tummy, and get those show-stopping curves with this tiny waist workout!

Made up of just four moves, you’ll repeat this at least three times to get a fat-burning and all-around core toning workout.

Here are 4 exercises for a narrow waist…

Move 1: Toe Touch Crunches

Toe Touch Crunches

First off, you’ll do toe touch crunches for sixty seconds. Lay on your back, legs straight up towards the ceiling. Crunch up with straight arms to touch your toes, then go back to the mat, engaging your core the entire time and making sure to keep your lower back flat on the mat. For sixty seconds.

Move 2: Dead Bug

dead bug

Next up is the dead bug. Stay with your back flat on the ground. You’re going to bend your knees and lift your legs up and your arms up in front of you. Alternate, stretching one leg out in time with the opposite arm and then repeating on the other side. Continue for sixty seconds.

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Move 3: Front Plank

front plank

Next up is the plank. This simple move will engage and tighten your entire core. Face the mat and get up on your forearms and toes. Hold your back straight and keep for sixty seconds.

Move 4: Side Plank Dips

side plank dips

Finally is side plank dips. Get on the side of your feet and your forearm. Lift your other arm towards the ceiling as you raise and lower your hips. Your entire body should be engaged. Repeat for 30 seconds on each side.

3 Tips For A Tiny Waist

Working out is a great way to get a smaller waist, so do this workout three times in the next seven days.

Plus make sure to drink plenty of water, and go for a short walk each day and you will get results!

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Staying hydrated is one of the most essential steps to getting in shape, and while this workout is only four minutes long, it will get you burning!

You should drink a glass of water each morning when you wake up and again before each meal.

Speaking of eating, almost everyone faces one issue when trying to get in shape: poor nutrition!

You might start cutting calories only to find you’re always craving sweets and hungry.

Or, you might be eating enough but still feel like you’re missing something.

If you’re restricting yourself to only a few foods, you’re probably missing out on some vital nutrients.

Which brings us to the final tip of the day: start taking a vitamin supplement or green drink each day to replenish your body’s needs!

It will keep you energized and will help minimize cravings, so give it a shot!

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