What Whitney Simmons Eats In A Day

Whitney Simmons is a fabulous, (and super-fit) YouTuber.

What does she eat in a day to stay lean and fit?

It depends on the day…

Some day it’s in and out, some day it’s chipotle, but most of the time she’s making food…

Unlike the gals who eat 3 big meals a day, Whitney eats 5 to 6 smallish meals a day.

And today you’ll get to sneak in and see what some of those meals are in a typical day…


Meal #1: Waffles

2 blueberry waffles from Kashi… Some blueberry syrup, and a few piece of banana…

Those 2 meals got her at:

  • 505 calories
  • 31 g of proteins
  • 65 g of carbs
  • 17 g of fat

Meal #2: English muffin.

One-half with avocado and turkey slices on. And the other half with one egg and some egg white.


 Meal #3:

Organic cheddar cheesy deluxe with ground turkey, and some mac and cheese.

The lunch had…

  • 560 calories
  • 41 g of proteins
  • 32 g of carbs
  • 26 g of fat

After every workout, she always has a protein shake.

And she loves Premier Protein… (her favourite = banana cream and chocolate)


Meal #4:

Pot roast veggie blend and ground chicken. With a salad.


Now when it comes down to macros, some day I miss it, some day I hit it, some day I’m like really close to hit it, and some day I’m like way far of.

And… that’s just part of life! You can’t beat yourself up!

Some day I’m more hungry than others, and some day I eat more than I should.

You can watch Whitney Simmons What I Eat In A Day vlog below:

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